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Every day, we hear about cloud migrations and DevOps transformations. You’ve probably heard, ”Virtual machines are history, Kubernetes is the way to deliver applications”, "Microservices are the way to go, and the monolith applications are becoming ancient." While these are all factual statements, many companies find such transformations extremely difficult; additionally, for many, it’s unclear where security fits in the spectrum of DevOps transformation. "The skillset we worked so hard to obtain no longer of much use in the 'new' way of doing things."

There’s plenty of talk about the Containers and Kubernetes, yet there’s a massive gap in the accompanying skillsets and expertise. It’s no secret that companies are struggling with this transition. And in most cases, security for containers and microservices is not well-understood. (Or if it is, it’s poorly executed.)

MicroStack: Your DevOps Guide

Here's where MicroStack enters the picture. Our company started small, slightly more than a year ago. We realized there was an opportunity for us to significantly impact the community and help the many other organizations experiencing similar problems. Before long, it was time for us to grow!

First, we rebranded from Flamingo to MicroStack. It just made so much sense! From there, we undertook a few necessary steps to set us on the right path:

  • Built the core team
  • Got more projects
  • Formed strategic advisory alliances
  • Increased collaboration with open-source projects & commercial products

All of these steps helped define how we help organizations going through their cloud and DevOps transition. Most critically, we listened to our customers – and their feedback helped us identify the biggest pain points felt by similar businesses. Based on that feedback, we’re focusing on those areas and building reusable solutions to satisfy more customers.

The MicroStack Advantage

We realize no problem is entirely unique, nor is it identical to other issues. But most problems share some commonalities, so we’ve built boiler-plate solutions to accelerate the resolution path for our customers.

Our Kubernetes Enablement Framework for customers w/o any existing Kubernetes infrastructure makes the deployment achievable in a matter of hours – not days or weeks; Leveraging our readily available templated automated & hardened architecture.

MicroStack’s Cloud Migration Framework is simplified and streamlined into 6R migration plan so that no organization has to reinvent how a successful migration could happen:  

  1. Retain
  2. Retire
  3. Replatform
  4. Rehost
  5. Refactor
  6. Rearchitect

Throughout Microstack’s Container Security Framework, we walk you through the entire container lifecycle from base-image procurement to build, deploy, and runtime stages & identify where the blind-spots are and where your organization is lacking in the processes and tooling. We help define the security controls, adopt CIS benchmarks, and close any security and compliance gaps along the way.

MicroStack aspires to modernize the development and cybersecurity stack for customers, saving them time, money, and resources in the process.

Finally, we started the MicroStack Talent Network, a program where we curate pools of talented DevOps, Cloud, and Cybersecurity individuals, coach them, uplift their skillset and rate their expertise in core areas and finally, place them in team augmentation projects. This is backed by our core team of highly skilled architects who assist with any of the challenges organizations may face. To further support our clients, we also provide custom training courses delivered by highly expert individuals.\

Our Focus: DevOps, Cloud & Security

At MicroStack, we’re aiming to transform how organizations tackle their challenges across each of these key focus areas:

  • Kubernetes Enablement & Consulting
  • Container Security
  • Cloud-Native Security
  • End to End Automation
  • Cloud Compliance

We’re young, energetic, and passionate – and we’re just getting started! You'll hear from us again soon. For now, check out the brand new website, tell us what you think & Stay tuned!

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