Our Values

MicroStack teams are driven to do what's right and help you realize your vision. We believe in generating success collaboratively, leaving your organization stronger after every engagement, and building trust for the next big challenge. Our consulting and education services are built to help you realize the value of their MicroStack investment as quickly as possible. By leveraging the brain trust of MicroStack product and industry experts, you will be able to modernize your development and security faster and more efficiently. Through training, knowledge transfer, and a coaching-style consulting approach, customers ramp quickly and get the most out of MicroStack to effectively solve infrastructure operations and security challenges.

The MicroStack Advantage

Our hands-on coaching-style method ensures that knowledge is transferred to the clients, and they have the expertise required to maintain the modern infrastructure in-house.

We curate a team of professionals in the MicroStack Talent Network, mentor, and prepare them for clients’ team augmentation requirements. The talents are regularly evaluated with the assessment exams to ensure only top performers are introduced to the clients.

We leverage our own templatized approach to bring already-developed solution frameworks to deliver the projects faster. We do not reinvent the wheel.

Our Subject-Matter-Experts in cybersecurity ensure end-to-end security of software and infrastructure development lifecycles in the cloud or on-premise.

With over 50 years of combined development and cybersecurity expertise, our core specialist teams develop programs tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.

We partner with leading open-source and commercial product vendors to provide in-depth insight to our clients so they save time and effort, evaluating various solutions in crowded marketplaces.

Anastasiia Udo

Anastasiia as Chief Operation Officer of Microstack has significant experience in the world of DevOps and software development. She has an MS degree in applied mathematics with honors and always strives for excellence.

Most of the time in her career, Anastasiia has been working hand to hand with business owners to be in her element with domain area. Quality-driven, Anastasiia is an expert in software quality control processes. She has much experience building the process from scratch and legacy. Agile-minded, she is eager to work in a responsive to improvements environment with same-minded and diverse team players.During non-working time Anastasiia enjoys sounds of music, mainly electronic. She promotes an active way of life, passionate traveler, hiker, and gym visitor.

Roshan Daneshvaran

Roshan Daneshvaran is the founder and president of Mictostack.

Roshan is a serial entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in cybersecurity, cloud transformation, and DevOps.

After finishing his B.E. in Software Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science from New York University, Roshan cut his teeth in the financial sector, where he spent ten years protecting sensitive information on the New York Stock Exchange and other large financial enterprises.

In 2019, Roshan founded MicroStack to provide consulting and advisory services in cloud-native development and cybersecurity to bridge the gap of legacy development and security practices to a modern DevOps and Cloud-Native Security paradigm.

As an I.T. expert, Roshan is intimately aware of the dangers companies face in the modern digital landscape and is passionate about bringing a modern approach to development and Security. Through MicroStack, Roshan’s goal is to help clients unleash the power of Kubernetes & Container services and help companies address the growing challenges of Cloud Transformation.

Roshan is an avid snowboarder, a decent tennis player, an adventure-seeking traveler, and a foodie.

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