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Maximizing the Benefits of Cloud Migration While Managing Complexity and Risk

As organizations increasingly embrace digital transformation, cloud migrations, and deployments have become essential for success. However, with cloud apps and agile infrastructure come a host of complexities and risks that must be carefully managed through the use of appropriate tools, processes, and connections.Several factors are driving the adoption of public cloud, including the ever-increasing volume of data resulting from new retention policies and regulations across industries. Additionally, disruptive competitors require introducing new products and services at an accelerated pace and evolving regulatory, data, and technical requirements are creating operational obstacles. Furthermore, support for mission-critical legacy applications is dwindling, necessitating infrastructure migration or decommissioning.As cloud computing applications and workloads proliferate, organizations often struggle with rising operational and security complexity levels, limiting system visibility and leading to unexpected threats and security risks.

Why Cloud Migration is Needed?

Successful cloud migration offers significant benefits to organizations, including cost reductions, improved scalability, and a significant decrease in cyber incident risk. Furthermore, cloud adoption offers optimized scalability, faster and smarter integrations, and greater access to business-critical functionality. Cloud migration enables IT departments to reshape overall infrastructure dramatically and leverage new technologies, as they are no longer constrained by on-premises hardware and software refresh cycles.However, organizations face significant challenges when moving workloads to the cloud, according to The State of Cloud Native Security, Palo Alto Networks, 2020. These include technical complexity, maintaining comprehensive security, and ensuring compliance.

Enabling a Security-First Cloud Model

Image depicts a network of data routes forming a larger picture, representing Cloud Compliance services that ensure cloud-based infrastructure adheres to various regulatory and compliance standards. These services provide data privacy, security, and protection, while maintaining compliance with applicable regulations and industry standards.

A successful digital transformation requires a cloud migration strategy executed with security in mind. With Microstack, organizations can take a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of their cloud transformation. Microstack's flexible delivery model allows organizations to engage the team in the way that best supports their goals, whether that's advising, designing, building, or operating their cloud model to provide seamless transitions between implementation stages and across workstreams.The proliferation of devices in distributed systems, which are now integral to IT networks, has opened up new attack vectors and vulnerabilities that couldn't be exploited before. Maintaining effective security in this new environment is becoming increasingly challenging.Microstack can provide the guidance, knowledge, and expertise organizations need to address their security needs in a distributed environment and balance them with their business objectives. With Microstack's cloud migration consulting, organizations can have a solution-agnostic, value-centric partner to help them:
Establish a novel operational model that enhances your competitive standing
Streamline your current infrastructure and cost structure as a component of a cloud-first transformation strategy.
Leverage public cloud-native services to facilitate new organizational and IT service capacities.
Establish inherent security throughout your entire IT environment.

Why Choose Microstack Cloud Transformation Services

As organizations look to achieve their targeted business outcomes through cloud digital transformation, Microstack can help. The team will partner with organizations to resolve any magnitude of cloud migration program, problem, or project they need to address.

Our Migration Strategy Approach:

Conduct an assessment, create a roadmap using our cyber digital transformation framework, and execute against the roadmap.

Risk Management:
Implement effective risk management strategies to identify, assess, and mitigate cyber threats and vulnerabilities promptly and proactively.

Optimize new and existing technologies to bolster and align the security program with business transformation.

Providing continuous resilience and operations.

Build a Robust Cloud Transformation Strategy with Microstack

The Microstack Cloud Transformation team can help you successfully design, implement and manage your cloud strategy. You’ll work with a team of cloud security professionals skilled in deploying on-premise, hybrid, single- and multi-cloud environments. Our experts hold the highest certifications available and have deep experience with the largest public cloud providers in the industry, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

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